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  1. Creating Complaints and posting in Complaints
  2. Searching Complaints
  3. User preferences
  4. Lost password

1. Creating and posting in Complaints

Creating a Complaint can be done through the "New Complaints" menu on the top of the page.
A Complaint consists of a subject which is a quick review of your problem and the content in which you must write a full description of your problem.

Complaints category
The category your problem fits in. This makes sure your problem gets to the technician specialized in solving your particular type of problem.

Complaints priority
The severity level of your problem

Complaints notifications
Checking the "Inform me by e-mail for Complaint status changes" check box, the helpdesk system will notify you by e-mail to the address provided when you registered, for replies and changes on your Complaint. Note that this is on a per Complaint basis and if you set "E-Mail Notifications" to "ON" in your user preferences panel you will be notified for ALL Complaints regardless of your Complaints` setting.

Each Complaints (or reply to a Complaints) can contain a file attachment which will be available for download for the viewers of your Complaint (technicians etc.). To upload an attachment, click "Browse" on the new Complaint/Complaint reply page and select the file you want to be attached. The file size limit is indicated below the attachments box. When you click "Submit", along with the Complaint information, the attachment will be uploaded and assigned to your post.

Editing Complaints
To edit a Complaints or a reply to a Complaints, click the "Edit" button corresponding to the post you want to edit. If you wish to delete the post, check "Delete post" and click submit. If your post contains an attachment, it can be deleted by checking "Delete attachment" and submitting the reply.

2. Searching Complaints

You can search your Complaint archive using the Search menu.
Fill the search field with your search query and optionally set any of the additional options:

Search type
Sets the text matching type of your search. "Search for exact text" will match only entries containing the exact text, that is, the word order will be preserved. For example "sphinx of quartz" will match "Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz" while "sphinx of abcd1234 quartz" won`t because the words must have the exact order.
"Containing all words" will match only entries that have all of the words in the query but in any order. For example "Jackdaws quartz", "sphinx quartz" and "love quartz sphinx" will all match "Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz" because all of the mentioned words exist in the sentence, even though they are in random order.

Search filter
Search results can be filtered by a particular Complaint category, priority, status or creation date range by setting the corresponding list box.

3. User preferences

In the "User preferences" panel, you can change your account information (such as password, first name, last name, e-mail etc) and user options.

E-Mail Notifications
This defines whether you wish to receive e-mail notifications for all of your Complaints or only for those chose when posting.

Time offset
The timezone of the area you live. All times in the helpdesk will be adjusted to your selected settings to be on par with your area`s time.

4. Lost password

Your password is saved in our database in an encrypted for and thus cannot be retrieved. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by filling this form with the username and e-mail you provided when you registered.